At Risk Species

Tier I species are those that are globally or nationally most at-risk of extinction. Tier II species are those at-risk within Nebraska while apparently doing well in other parts of their range. For a complete explanation of how species are evaluated for “At-risk” status, refer to The Nebraska Natural Legacy Project. Wildlife listed as Tier I or Tier II at-risk species will receive primary consideration as management practices are being evaluated for all PRBE properties.

Species Tier I Tier II
American wigeon
Bald eagle
Barn owl
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Brewer’s sparrow
Burrowing owl
Cassin’s kingbird
Common poorwill
Common snipe
Cooper’s hawk
Cordilleran flycatcher
Dark eyed junco
Ferruginous hawk
Golden eagle
Long-billed curlew
Long-billed curlew
Mountain bluebird
Northern bobwhite
Northern harrier
Peregrine falcon
Pine siskin
Pinyon jay
Prairie falcon
Prairie loggerhead shrike
Pygmy nuthatch
Red crossbill
Swainson’s hawk
Short-eared owl
Townsend’s solitaire
Violet-green swallow
Western grebe
Western tanager
White-throated swift
Yellow-breasted chat
Fish – incomplete
Bighorn sheep
Bushy-tailed woodrat
Fringed myotis
Fringe-tailed myotis
Long-tailed weasel
Mountain lion
Northern myotis
Swift fox
Reptiles – incomplete
Insects – incomplete
Mollusks – incomplete
Short-stem wild buckwheat
Matted prickly-phlox
Dog (Nuttall desert) parsley
Summer orophaca
Wire lettuce
Parry’s rabbitbrush
Slender lip fern
Thrift mock goldenweed
Leopard lily
Ross’ sedge
Blue larkspur
Large-flowered hawk’s beard
Spotted coralroot
Rydberg’s cottonwood
Rocky mountain maple
Hedgehog cactus

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