Photo of Wildcat Hills

Our Mission

Platte River Basin Environments, Inc. (PRBE) is a 501 (c) (3) corporation formed by a group of sportsmen of western Nebraska concerned about deteriorating conditions of important wildlife habitat and the natural areas in the North Platte River basin. Clive Ostenberg made a bequest challenging PRBE to accomplish the task at hand.

The challenge and mission accepted by PRBE is to preserve, conserve, enhance and restore vital wildlife habitat and natural areas within the North Platte River basin and adjacent drainages with a commitment to applying sound environmental science to determining projects to be undertaken, restoration work to be completed, enhancements to be done, and areas to be conserved and preserved.

PRBE has a commitment to utilize community resources through volunteer efforts and involvement of other concerned organizations and groups. PRBE partners with many conservation organizations and government agencies to accomplish goals benefiting wildlife and natural resources of the area.

PRBE is committed to providing opportunities for environmental education with the goal of fostering an appreciation for the natural world. By opening areas for public access to include hiking, hunting, photography, bird watching, fishing and other outdoor activities that encourage community participation and facilitate the preservation of our heritage while protecting and preserving wildlife and our area's unique natural resources.